In a fit of pique and gloom I deleted the wordpress  lizardrinking blog, testing not only the patience of the wordpress people but also my legions of friends who drop in from time to time.

What can I say? At the time it seemed so real. WordPress warned me in terms any passive aggressive would be proud of that not under any terms would I be getting my old blog back in any shape, form, or size, no way, no how. Even so, I exported it and went ahead. In fact, wordpress are now warning me that I’m spelling their name incorrectly. Well, two can do the passive aggressive tango, wordpress! Take that! (by the way, you do a great job, and thanks for hosting my blog!).
Hence the name change. Hence the many pictures which are now missing. Bit by bit I hope to fix that.

theheartbeatsoftly formerly known as lizardrinking is a fan of elision.



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