– two tickets won to see someone don a monster mask

a ladybird black from hoovering
mites on the unsprayed


the marble-scattered woman
sweet as honey to strangers,
cries okaeri nasai as
I trudge past, shopping on my back
heavier than a baby on the hip,
a sack of potatoes not able to curl
legs around, mould into
the softness of flesh.
My mother said
I was a similar
gunny sack of
protuberance and I


Mike near the refrigerators,
he’d gone swimming.
that strong-armed me through the park
five minutes prior
dawdled still and
I almost walked right past.

in need of
ears able to detect the alignment of pins
was one more, one more present,
to trip the warmth of the day,
to face its autumnal roundness only
brushed by winter’s lips,
one more present to recollect.

(c) 2013 theheartbeatsoftly / lizardrinking
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One Comment on “– two tickets won to see someone don a monster mask”

  1. […] of my pieces are in there, including the poem which opens this post, mt. fuji – shimizu. two tickets won to see someone don a monster mask at the folk museum landed in the mailbox this afte… has appeared on this blog in an earlier form. I think that a piece of tarpaulin has basically kept […]

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