– strange

kind of day today. Seattle (or Washington state) is everywhere. The Mt. Rainier coffee advert in the shinkansen, Starbucks, where I met a friend. The city itself is a brand in the world’s consciousness. It’s done well for itself. Must be all those long days and evenings holed up inside while it rains out. It is a special place, though the rainy days take a certain kind of perseverance, but they do add, enable, the beauty of the forests.

I catch the shinkansen quite often now that I work in Nagoya. I can upgrade for the equivalent of about $5.00 with a daily ticket used. It cuts travelling time by more than half.

Organised to talk with one ex-pat today, and met up with another (at Starbucks). Also ran into a fellow teacher (from Australia) at the campus nearby, and the Japanese wife of another colleague (from France) and their son, whilst waiting for the train to take me walking in the rain in the somewhat close local park.

My here is saying you are here. Look at everyone you’re connecting with. It’s good. I’m glad for it. I don’t want it to go away, even though inviting new people into your life always involves some elements of the unknown, which is not always pleasant, but usually is. Even so, I pine for home. Wherever that is. And when I am at one of the places sometimes considered home, I pine for elsewhere. Nature of the Sagittarian beast. I do like the idea of having a home, though – it makes it much easier to be away.

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2 Comments on “– strange”

  1. Always somewhere else, ‘eh? Things are never easy once you step into the next world… What about the world you left? What about the next one?

  2. theheartbeatsoftly Says:

    So, so, so . . .

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