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I got a bit lazy with this, so it’s not in actual chronological order. I want to put up photos of our trip to Vancouver Island too. The photos at the very end are to Whistler Village in Canada. I did this trip solo. When I talk about “we”, I’m talking about fellow passengers and so on (in terms of the Whistler trip). Most of the other trips, apart from the forays that Elroy and I regularly took to St Edwards Park, were taken with Dave.

Seattle Skyline

Dave and I took a tour on the Argosy Ferry. It went out on the Puget Sound, through the Ballard Locks and ended up at South Union Lake, where a bus took us back to town. It was a nice and comprehensive trip, and we passed the beach front along Magnolia where Dave used to rent a beach shack (or was it a house?) in his younger days.

Seattle Skyline

I haven’t posted any pictures of the locks here, but I have earlier on the blog. It was cool to go through the locks, as opposed to watching boats go through them (though we did that too). We went under the train bridge which is usually the only draw bridge mostly kept upright, it closes for trains. At the end of my trip, I was on that bridge, taking the Cascades Amtrak up to Vancouver, Canada.

Nortec Collective at Bumbershoot

The ferry trip was near the beginning of my holiday in Seattle. Bumbershoot was near the end. July as opposed to September. This was the Nortec Collective from Mexico. Bumbershoot is a 3 day festival over the Labor Day weekend. These guys were good for a festival sound. Big, instant tunes – but a bit boring on CD. I wandered off to check out other things, as there was so much going on, but they were a highlight.

Lake Washington, St Edward Park

When we were in Kenmore, I woke early most mornings to walk Elroy in St Edward Park. The Park borders Lake Washington and it’s a steep walk up and down. Steeper up, of course. We needed to go early because it was a little too hot for the Boston Terrier – Pug mix otherwise. They get overheated a lot quicker than other dogs due to the shape of their nose and difficulty in breathing. It was one of the highlights of most of my days.

St Edward Park

St Edward Park, Kenmore, Seattle, South Ridge

I have walked most of the paths at St Edward, but not the South Ridge so much. The South Ridge, North Ridge and Grotto walk are the most difficult, but at least all the steep bit is at the very beginning, especially with the South Ridge and Grotto. I am terrible at going down steep hills, but fine going up them. So I’d take the easier Seminary trail going down, and walk one of the difficult ones going up, or the more moderate South Canyon walk.

If it wasn’t too hot and we had time, Elroy and I might then do the walks on the upper reaches – those being the Orchard, Plateau and Volunteer. We even got a dog leg of the Perimeter walk. There are two more we rarely took, though (out of our way). What a park, eh?

Elephant Car Wash, Seattle.

A Seattle icon. ‘Elvis took his car to the Pink Elephant Car Wash in Seattle in 1963 when he was filming “It Happened at The Worlds Fair.”‘ I have had a Seattle native (Dave) confirm that story, so I believe it despite the doubt some people express in the forum I have just linked to.

Driftwood on a beach just outside of Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

Tofino is up on Vancouver Island, heading north. A beautiful area. So glad we made the trip up there. My next post will have more of Tofino, and some of Victoria.

A cemetery just outside of Zillah

As said in the previous post, the starter motor would not start in a MacDonald’s carpark, just outside of Zillah. I got a bit cranky at one point, while waiting for a tow. I went for a walk up the hill as the sunset was casting its light over this cemetery.

Water plane. I think it's the one we flew in on

As mentioned in the last post, I flew into Whistler Village, from Vancouver, on a sea plane. I took some of the cable cars up to Whistler Mountain, and then across to Blackburn. That was a great cable car ride, actually. It is strung between two mountains, and seems to be  supported quite sporadically, though I’m sure very safely. It was a beautiful day. I was too hot in jeans, and I learnt how to hop on and off ski lifts, thanks to a very nice woman I met on this plane. She was travelling from NY and had taken a day off from the work she was doing in Vancouver.

Sea plane wing and glacier, on the way to Whistler Village, Canada

The plane flew over the Rockys, and over glaciers, beautiful blue-green rivers and lakes.

the sea plane flying over a glacier on the way to Whistler Village

The sea plane flying over a glacier on the way to Whistler Village, Canada

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4 Comments on “– more more to follow”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    it all looks so beautiful sue. are you going back for christmas??

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Is that you up in Brizzie? I’ll be working for Christmas, but we have longer holidays in February and March. I’ll have to see what my plans are. I like to see the folks as well!

  2. Someone Somewhere Says:

    Sea plane! That’s flying.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      It was a special treat. Your photograph of the Himalayas was pretty impressive! I’ve got 2 Nepalese students in my class this semester.

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