– a blue high heel

I’m no good at other people’s history,
I guess it’s because my own is so undefined,
in both senses of the word, perhaps.

This isn’t a poem, but the way. Just as well, because in it’s current form it’d be pretty shite. The picture to the right there is a random piece of clip-art.

On the very plus side of things, there are good things. I’m not good at history, but do enjoy walking around the park and cemetery in the soft rain. Everything is green. The daisies near the haka markers are bowing their heads under the wet. I’m not morbid in walking in the cemetery, or graveyard, or what you call it.

It’s just there is so little open space in Japanese cities, and the park borders the cemetery, and makes the walk longer and wider. Additionally, cremation is the order of the day, so there are no bodies underfoot. I don’t even know if there are ashes, there. I don’t think so. I think they’re kept at the temples. Just plenty of monuments, and well-kept plots. Cats, as well. The cemetery cats, and park cats.

Speaking of which, as I passed one of the three public restrooms in the actual park, I saw a lady feeding one of the cats. They would be feral, but are well looked after. When I passed the toilets again on another lap around, there was a bright blue very high heel outside, and another strappy black looking one, just one of each. I wondered what practices were going on in Mukaiyama Park that I didn’t know of.

Then again, the cat-feeding lady looked a bit loopy, but maybe it used to be a sign for walking the streets, or something similar, way back when. I don’t know. However, there are better places, than the toilets, and Japan tends to cater for all that kind of thing in a fairly practical way, so I can’t imagine anyone striking up a trade there. And as I said, the woman didn’t look as if she’d pull too many customers, so what was it, some kind of hex, a sign or curse or spell to keep the rain away, the cat happy, the thunder Gods from deluging us with too much moisture, or just enough?

Anyway, it’s late. I’ll tighten this all later.

Oyasumi Nasai!

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