– wolves

Googled songs for lost souls: songs for lost souls. No I didn’t! I put it into youtube and came up with this Bon Iver track. I have an album by the lead singer – S Carey. Really beautiful, despite (some would say because of) the Beach Boy kind of melodies.

On this day I wonder that killing one person justifies all those originally killed, all those killed since in the various wars waged, and why people seem to think that it is going to bring aggression to a crawling halt rather than notching it up a ratchet or two.

It will justify the outrageous infractions and violations of civil and international law that have occurred on either side. To kill a terrorist you gotta be a terrorist, of course, and the winners wave the flags. Those infractions will remain, too. Guantanamo ain’t going nowhere.

Not to say that people should not be held culpable for their deeds, but the whole world now agrees that an Old Testament path is the way to go?

Ah, nationalism, how mighty you are at freeing people from compassion and rational thought.

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