– feel good pictures

Just uploading a few kids’ illustrations, or rather pictures from illustrators who illustrate kids’ books. Can’t track down some images. I’ll add some more later.

Where the Wild Things Are

Sarah Davis, Fearless

Sarah Davis, Bike

Graeme Base, Animalia, Lazy Lions

Possum Magic, Julie Vivas

Lion and Blue

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2 Comments on “– feel good pictures”

  1. someone somewhere Says:

    Awesome. Don’t know Sarah Davis or Lion and Blue, a shortcoming I must rectify.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Sarah Davis is the partner of a friend of mine, which is why I know her work, but she has won awards and teaches at university level. I’ll send you her blog address. I’ll put it in the post, too. Lion & Blue was a book in our primary school library which I just loved. It really made an impact. I think the lion turned into a dandelion. I always thought that every school library must have had the book.

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