– small dogs, long grass

Unusual for Japan, there is a large Taisho era (1900s) house and semi-overgrown garden behind our apartment block. The house belongs to the university, as does the apartment block. The house was used by the military in WW2, apparently, and there is some kind of story that either the current empress, or her mother, hid there as a six year old for a period of time.

A young kid is walking his two tiny dogs around it at present. You can go to dog parks in Japan, but in most open spaces, the leash laws are really adhered too. This guy has discovered this house and has been walking the dogs around its perimeters for the last ten minutes or so. There really isn’t so far that he can walk, so every two seconds I look up and see him and the little ones passing by. They really are little, too. A third the size of Elroy.

He started jogging, just to break things up and to give the dogs a bit more exercise, I guess. The wisteria, the view directly from my balcony, and the lilac, are blooming. Toyohashi’s winds don’t stop blowing, but if they did, spring would be here.

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    Very fine post.

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