– Nobiru

where I stayed, and which I reference in this post and this one, was badly affected as seen by the photos in that link and below.

Photo by Max Hodges. Kindergarten, Nobiru, 2011

Photo by Max Hodges. Buddha image, 2nd floor, Nobiru Kindergarten, 2011

Very touching photos here too. Same photographer.

Photo by Max Hodges. Nobiru, 2011

Photo by Max Hodges. Nobiru, 2011.

The train station was relatively far from the shore. It took about fifteen minutes to walk there, yet it is ruined. The youth hostel was a whole lot closer. I’d be surprised if it survived. All it had going for it was that it was two-storeys, but that might not have been tall enough.

Photo by Max Hodges. Nobiru Train Station (?). 2011

Photo by Max Hodges. Nobiru Train Station. 2011.

The small place where I enjoyed the seafood ramen, and the towns on Miyatojima which were even closer to the ocean, if that is possible, might have survived depending upon which side of the peninsula they were on.


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3 Comments on “– Nobiru”

  1. Max Hodges Says:

    Thanks for the link. You may post a couple of the photos from my gallery if you like.

    Warm Regards,
    Max Hodges

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Thanks, Max. Quite a journey you undertook. I will put some photos up, and tag the post. Cheers for the permission. Did you hear anything about a small town, Ayukawa? About an hour from Ishinomaki by bus, and very definitely on the coast.

  2. […] heart beats oftly with nary a sound « – it’s not fighting – Nobiru […]

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