– untitled, march 18, 2011

I returned early
from the graduation party
where girls changed
from the clothes that
restricted the flow
of their beautiful
hakama to
which bubbled and fizzed
and folded
gently around them
as they did,
happy but
not unaware,
I didn’t blame them
for changing,
we all have to eat.
to a hotel room
opposite the station
watching the news
of impending doom
my lover
our dog
buried in the crook
and curve
of his arm
or body
his warm heat and
giving body
in its loyalty and
across the ocean,
I fell into bed
and asleep
as fire engines planned
to pour water
into reactors
close to fire and
people froze
in the snow
due to a dearth of
from mother nature
not from a lack of
from mother nature
which will see that most
as soon as, as soon as
will warm,
as soon as.

the sun was lifting even
as the last snows fell
and if the hearts of the people
could break the clouds
with what was needed,
people would complain
about the bruises caused
from falling cans of petrol and
soft blankets, and food
and from those who had not
been able to make
sense of
mother nature, swimming,
spinning through the air
towards them.
but their complaints would
be lost because
a bump on the head
is a small price to pay to
laugh about injuries with those
not fluent in the semaphore of disaster.
I never attended my graduation
never had the mortar board
the cape to
always travelling
never attending
those important things.

theheartbeatsoftly (c) 2011
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2 Comments on “– untitled, march 18, 2011”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I love you!

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