– sunrise 4.40 a.m., sunlight 5 –

In the morning I
dream about dreaming
about all the better
things I
used to do.


I have had jobs that have got me out of bed early in the morning, such as glo’s, and when it was extremely early like that, getting up in the dark, knowing that the sun was coming no time soon, it was almost impossible.

As the days lengthen though (shortening at present), I love that the sun comes up from 4.30 onwards, and every now and then and at stages of my life, I have got up that early to go swimming, meditate, go walking. The days here are pretty hot, and 4.30-8.00 is the coolest part of the day, with 4.30-6.30 probably being the coolest out of that time frame. I really enjoy these walks, meditation, swimming – if you are early enough, you can sometimes catch the kangaroos (though not at the pool) – but oh, how I enjoy sleeping, or would, if only I didn’t spend that sleeping time guilting myself over what I could be or should be doing.

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One Comment on “– sunrise 4.40 a.m., sunlight 5 –”

  1. mysonabsalom Says:

    The early mornings can be inspiring…

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