– promises

I promised morph a long time ago that I’d put this up for her, if she ever wanders by.

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3 Comments on “– promises”

  1. someone somewhere Says:

    I love lots of Muddy – The Same Thing, Rolling Stone, etc. – but honestly, I think my favourite track of his is this Rolling Stones cover:

    Don’t know if that will embed? Anyway, I don’t think it gets much coverage because i’s from his much maligned ‘psychadelic’ record, Electric Mud. Flat out great and fits the Mannish Boy persona down to the ground.

    Trainspotters note: this vinyl version, like the one I had from a posthumous German complition has the long organ intro that is missing from the CD version available currently.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      You know so much my dear Stu. It sounds very Jimi. I like Muddy and Howlin’ Wolf when I stumble across them – like when they happen to be on the radio – otherwise it’s a little too much of the sameness. In Chicago at the moment – but I know you know that. Don’t think I’m going to catch any blues though 😉

  2. morpho aurora Says:

    thank you rose!

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