– untitled 16

like the snail

I carry my maze.


impenetrable gaze.

lizardrinking (c) 2010

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4 Comments on “– untitled 16”

  1. MeanderingMelbourne Says:

    Cute! Not so cute was the snail in my mailbox last night which ate my mail. Really. Luckily it was some advertising gumph but still.

    Anyway, love the poem. Love the pic.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      I like the pic – the poem is not bad, but thank you. Snails like mail – gives a new meaning to snail mail, right? Thanks for the comment.

      • someone somewhere Says:

        Ah, it’s still here! A good sign. Taut and voluted; whorled like the world. Interesting how cuteness is situational. And seriously, did you really take that with an iPhone? Is it a 4? Unweighted by comparison with original vision, my opinion of the poem is considerably better than ‘not bad.’ Thank you.

  2. theheartbeatsoftly Says:

    Looks like I don’t get to reply to you, Stu – unless I click the reply above and it all works out that way. Let’s give it a burl (No, I did that, and it doesn’t). You are so kind. I want to carry you in my non-existent handbag everywhere!
    See – our own mazes are often things we can’t see – I guess the snail can’t see it’s shell, though it does retract inside of it, so possibly!
    That’s an older shot, so I can’t remember if I took it with the sharp or the i-phone. If I go to flickr I can find out. It’s a 3G. It sometimes takes good shots – it’s just that you don’t have much control on what you focus on, and there is post-processing, too, though I don’t think I did too much on that one!

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