– outside the supermarket

I too have sat on this bench,

wear smooth
handles slip, spines snap
it’s something
to consider as
cars pass
in the rain.

lizardrinking (c) 2010

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2 Comments on “– outside the supermarket”

  1. fan Says:

    I love this poem, it has feeling…. all the feeling of waiting outside the market, looking at traffic and rain. I could really relate to the spines snap… this poem made me tired for some reason. I did enjoy it… so tired though, I cannot even look up the word crepitating. No, I haven’t a clue what that means. Maybe I will look it up, after I rest up a bit.

  2. theheartbeatsoftly Says:

    thanks, fan. Though I didn’t want to physically give you that feeling, I’m glad you got it. I wanted the sense that sometimes you just sit on a bench and have to pull yourself altogether, as well as everything around you (including kids, if that is the case) just to get going, sometimes.

    Crepitating I think might be were we get decrepitude from? Decrepit? It is an older word, and used to be used medically to describe the kinds of aches and pains you get from creaky bones which come from the bones being worn down . . . Thesaurus helped me out with that. I didn’t know it until the other day, either!

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