– procrastination!

get thee to a nunnery . . .

I want to write something beautiful, or perhaps witty and charming, but my own sloth is slowing down the fingers, and the thought processes are turgid. I’ll try to remember a song or poem or quote or lock of hair and curl on the soft downy cheek of someone whose down wasn’t turning into an old lady’s beard like mine is – damn the Japanese and Omani hairdressers for their shave-crazy techniques – though it makes you look better for the moment . . .

So, photos? Suggestions. Beauty. Which forms? Winter is encroaching, but I never had summer . . . well, there were those 10 days in Chicago.

Actually, Elroy and I have been walking a lot at St. Edward’s National Park. It slopes all the way down to Lake Washington, and the St. Edward’s seminary used to own all the land, I guess. The seminary building is still there, but I don’t think it is as used as such. There is an indoor pool which has closed down, too, unfortunately, a gym, which I think is in use, and a ranger who doesn’t like you to have your dog off the leash, because that is the rules, and fair enough. Bastyr University is just up the road.

This from the website gives a thumbnail sketch of the history of the park:

In the late 1920s, the archbishop of Seattle donated the property to the Diocese of Seattle for use as a seminary by the Sulpician Order of Catholic Priests. In 1931, St. Edward Seminary was constructed. In the fall of 1977, because of declining enrollment and changes in the education of seminarians, the diocese sold 316 acres, including the seminary, to the state for use as a state park. In 1978, the property was dedicated and received its current name.

There are a lot of walks around the park, as is apparent from the link to this PDF. Very peaceful, beautiful, and if you want to bump into any ex-pat, apart from me, that is, you’re bound to. Plus dogs and kids in their multitude.

Elroy gets religion

I should be writing job applications, by the way.

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