– he sleeps inside

tea cups on the lawn
muffins in the garden,
the pup doesn’t know,
what he’s missing out on.

Beautiful light through the trees this morning at about ten o’clock after last night’s rains. It seems to have clouded over now, which is not surprising for Seattle and it makes those brief moments of rain-glittering diaphanousness all the more enjoyable. There’s one of those words you should never use.

The little boy sleeps inside. That’s what he does if I don’t entice him outside for a walk. I couldn’t even get him to chase the sun on the stairs. A major disadvantage of having such a dark house is that if you are about 50cm tall, your concept of your environment is pretty limited. But we did go for a walk this morning to St. Edwards park where we were greeted by this sign.

When I visited the park earlier this week, it was closing at 8. How quickly the days shorten once the whole quickening thing really kicks into gear! We managed a walk with only a few drops of rain, and he got severely barked at by a little terrier that he surprised. He doesn’t comprehend such things. Just rolled his shoulders and carried on.

Well, this blog isn’t all about the dog, though it seems to be heading that way. Just a quick post about the morning light which only grazes the surface of my garden cloaked in shade, and not that often.

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