– bah

give me my broomstick. It’s a four-seasons-in-one-day kind of day in Melbourne, leaning towards the Whitlam’s “Walking Round this Rainy City” (Melbourne) and windy. Umbrella-inside-out kind of windy. Took a train out to Frankston and then a friend picked me up and I visited their Mornington house and then got driven back in and took the train home. Slept both ways. Still sleeping. The day from which I never woke. The day from which I never woke up from. I love sleeping, but the aftermaths are a strange gooey toffee-like existence. Have been fighting a green phlegmy cold which might be on the retreat, but not without first dragging a few pieces of gravel over my tonsils.

Been great to catch up with all, though the inevitable catch-up means that you don’t necessarily see the things you can see with your partner, but then if your partner is as happy with the inside of a second hand bookstore as with a painting on the wall, a steaming dish of noodles, a view of the Grampions (wrong state, I know), then it’s not such a bad thing you do your own things and arrange to meet later.

Fighting to come into the present. I am tired, but that is probably also a state of mind. Tomorrow we’ll stow our bags in lockers then spend a day in the city, a night at the airport. The flight leaves at 6 in the morning and arrives in Los Angeles at 8.30 in the morning of the same day.

Life direction advice anyone? That is, for me. I’m not dispensing any.

Listening to these guys at the moment. Did a great show at Mojos. This one’s rocky. They are all rocky, but some lead to less rocky.



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5 Comments on “– bah”

  1. someone somewhere Says:

    Synchonicity. I just started reading Swann’s Way (via dailylit.com dispatches) and Proust’s take on that ‘gooey toffee-like existence.’ Especially the ‘shifting and confused gusts of memory’ that arise when waking from sleeping at odd hours.

    No wind, but it’s really raining down here too. The whole day through.

    Life direction advice: what do you love doing?

    Safe travelling.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Hey, stu. You got caught up in spam. I don’t know why. Your life direction advice is one I would give too, and nowadays I do not really know. I like teaching a giving class, and sometimes not so giving. I like going for long walks. I like art in nature, I like Heide in Heidlburg.

      Ever since counselling everything is kind of moderate. It is hard to know if there are any worldly pursuits, apart from love of people and the animals that wander into our lives, that I could say I love though I once used to know. That’s not really a bad thing, but it is kind of restricting. With our own inevitable demise, as glo says down the bottom, does it matter in the long run? I guess if we’re going to come back and want a slightly better life, though this one is pretty good, then it does. And why live a mediocre life when you can live a good one? The make-up of the mind is a fascinating subject, though.

  2. anglophile Says:

    Life direction advice? Up, not down. Or run in circles. Or stand still. Doesn’t matter, in the long run.

    Hmm. There may be a reason why I was never called to the profession of counselling.

    Seriously, though. Go back to writing.

    • Meandering Melbourne Says:


      Also, did you ever think that you brought the weather with you?;-) Hasn’t been as ‘typical Melbourne’ weather here for umpty yonks.

      • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

        Thanks, both. I think you’re right, or write. We’ve arrived back. Seattle’s summer is colder than Melbourne’s winter. Or its recent winter. Elroy is as cute as ever, and we are about to have a nap! Well, I’m glad Dave got to experience a little bit of ‘typical’ Melbourne, even if it hasn’t been typical for the last 10 years. Gotta post some pics of the garden, too. Cheers!

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