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even though I have had my ears pierced for more than 20 years, I can’t find the piercing when I go to put my earrings in. Other times, I can only seem to get my earring into the supposedly healed and closed up second and third holes I got when I was 17 (first at 14). I don’t think it’s a mood indicator, but I’m sure I could write a blog post about it. By the way, if it hasn’t been done already, and it probably has, I’ve always thought a good movie/ short story, in that Brit romantic comedy kind of vein (High Fidelity, About a Boy, Notting Hill) would be for the main character’s day to be dictated by the words of whichever song was on the radio as he left. Not exactly literally, of course, but fairly close on. What kind of conclusion could be written? Guess you could have them play “Shiver” by Nick Cave, but that might be a downer.

We saw a film called “Skeletons” on the weekend. Though it had some flaws, the premise was great. These two guys, dressed like insurance agents, go around the English countryside literally extracting skeletons from closets – that is, finding out people’s deepest, darkest secrets. It is pretty funny. But it could also be scary. Would make a great series, and a great kids series, too. Anyway, as Molly Meldrum always said, “Do yourself a favour.”  A Swedish movie, “Farsan”, gently funny too. I think I preferred it out of the two.

What? No pictures? I’ll think of something later.

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