– elroy, the connoisseur of kenmore




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6 Comments on “– elroy, the connoisseur of kenmore”

  1. WotV Says:

    Oh, that adorable Elroy…

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      That’s how they get you in, WotV 😉 ♥ He looks a bit like an elongated hamster in the first photo.

  2. fan Says:

    I am in LOVE with Elroy! I can’t seem to get over the fact that he will never, ever be mine…. ♥

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      You will just have to come and stay with us in Seattle, Jane, so that you get your dose of Elroy. He’s snoring on the couch in the study at the moment 🙂

  3. someone somewhere Says:

    Have you ever had a dog before? Smashing debut if not

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      I have. My gorgeous kelpie-cross, Candi, from when I was 13, and she died when I was 23, I think, or 22, before I had a chance to get home from Melbourne to say goodbye. Her gorgeous daughter, Christie, who I knew from 17 until about 30, or probably longer, as I think she was 15 when she died. Wonderful girl. She died at home, and I got to say goodbye. Now my parents are looking after Veruca, my younger sister’s dog, but whenever I am there, I look after her a lot. I adore dogs, and Elroy has such a nice nature.

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