– so much going on

seems so hard to write about it. All good. If you watch this space, I might come back and elaborate, perhaps not. Squirrels are still cute to me, but bountiful. Cupcakes – the world over – taste nowhere near as delicious as they look. I keep getting suckered in at the small bakery about a half hours walk away from here, along a winding, curving river. The woman who runs it is Dutch, used to live in Canada. The bakery was established 1934, but she would have just been a kid then, if she had been alive. Cheap prices, great rye, great muffins and the cupcakes look good, which I guess is all that you need a cupcake to do.

Further up the road is the Yakima fruit market, and I tend to get my fruit and vegies here. Cheap, in season, and yum.

I am going to let the light scapes do a little talking, and hope that I get my get up and go soon, and can write something of interest.

Oh, I have asked if all Seattle-ites are not secretly Canadian. I bump into them and they apologise. Much politer than your average Australian.

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2 Comments on “– so much going on”

  1. Meandering Melbourne Says:

    Ah, the well known cupcake conundrum: why do they look so good and taste so ordinary?

    Sometimes I’ll select plump little chocolate cupcakes with mint green and lavender icing, but the icing is never so-flavoured, just so-coloured.

    Beautiful, beautiful photos.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Hello, thank you for commenting. I like these photos. I think they worked well in black and white. And yep, cheesecakes all the way is the best answer.

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