– little decisions

I lean towards the melancholy, often wake-up a little low. I go for a walk. It usually lifts me. As does the sun, sliding on and off the needles of the conifers outside.

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2 Comments on “– little decisions”

  1. Someone Somewhere Says:

    Hey, I received an email about a post that doesn’t seem to be on the site and didn’t this poem come with a different poem before? I’m tired enough to be doubting myself on both counts. I was going to say that I have to copy the rundown on your peregrinations because I never kept them straight. All responses tending toward cross-purposes and confusion.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Hi, sweetie.
      1. I accidentally published a post which is not ready for publishing, pressed the wrong button.
      2. I reread the poem and thought it wasn’t up to much chop, old chap, so I changed it to musings and peregrinations (glad I can just copy that from yours . . ) but I got the . The pic’s, cool though, huh?

      Thanks for always reading and commenting.

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