– ha-ha

it’s snowing again. That’s the third snowfall since I heard this Echigo poem/expression, but I think there were definitely some other snowfalls after February 2nd.  Including some very heavy ones. I wonder if we have hit seven, or surpassed it?

Well, like the women at the health club said the other day, it is very soft snow, yawarakai, it won’t settle, it won’t last. It’s kind of pretty to look at, especially as I am not going out tonight.

I bought a suitcase this morning. Want to see my major mode of transport? Saved me about $20 (AUD) in possible delivery fees. I could have got it delivered free from the shop, but it wouldn’t have arrived until Monday or Tuesday. Too late, too late, my friends.

This is actually one of my smaller loads on the bicycle. Christmas time it transport two fold-up chairs, 10 cushions, flooring squares, a blender, a rice cooker, and? I remember years ago moving from one flat in Matsuyama, Shikoku by bicycle. The futons were perhaps the most difficult, and I didn’t really have too much furniture. Still, those were the days when the older people used to pack a lot onto their bicycles. I was an amateur in comparison.

In Perth, though, I have shifted wardrobes by myself with the old one corner to the other corner, lopsided shuffle, and that piece of cardboard underneath and pulling, works wonders. Physics, is it?

Oh, and it’s stopped snowing, now. Rain has taken its place.

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4 Comments on “– ha-ha”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    That looks really funky. Great to live somewhere you can navigate on bike.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Hey, I had to buy another one, too. Damn the U.S. and their generous luggage allowance… actually, not at all, it’s great that they have it, but I know if I was returning to Australia I either would have culled a lot more, or sent home a lot more clothes by post.

      On the other blog I wrote about the obesity levels in Australia, and how we make it very difficult to exercise as part of day to day life. There aren’t any real cycle paths or anything like that here, and people ride on the wrong side of the road and so on (me included), helmets are not compulsory, but cars are more aware, and bicycles don’t all have to be high-tech, and far more people use them.

  2. oi Says:

    wow! rose you are amazing! i am buying a bike too. I want to start biking and I am doing it!

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