– a preponderance of moo and it’s all a matter of attitude

What I’ve been up to the last few weeks. Should be packing and not on flickr. Seem to think I should start packing once I’ve uploaded all my pics. And then I go out and take more.  Where’s the sense in it all. Know not I.

February 20, Tokamachi Snow Festival

I am still uploading those pics, and they can all be seen (the ones I have uploaded) here .

February 23, Department night at Kansuirou Onsen. Beautiful and lots of fun.

March 1st. A lovely farewell dinner with a friend. Totally spoilt. Everything gets paid for and no-one will brook any dissent.

March 6
Train trip to Mikawa, Akiha Park (Niitsu) and the Niitsu Art Forum. I wanted to take a boat cruise on the Agano River, but my guide book was incorrect, and they weren’t running from the train station I got off at. There are only about 10 trains a day on the line (20 if we count to and fro), so I was lucky not to get stuck there.

Still, it was very beautiful and I took a cruise the following day. I’ll put photos of that one up later (haven’t uploaded yet). I ostensibly went to Akiha to see if some of the artworks from the Niigata water and land arts festival were permanent, but it was such a lovely park, and huge, so I got lost just wandering around. Then walked into Niitsu, to the forum, to Niitsu again, then back home via Niigata.

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