– untitled 15


only yesterday persimmons on the tree

turned black in the season’s shadow.

now the day tugs winter’s scapular,

loosens her habit,

branches warm against the sky.


stepping out from behind the moon,

the light plied like taffy,

the new year

twists the drawn flesh

of the day with a child’s unpractised hand,

a great aunt’s bony grip.

mottled and ragged

the bloom

is admired under watchful eye.

before spring comes

it is said

snow falls seven times.


park rose/lizardrinking/ theheartbeatsoftly (c) 2010

Note, March 11. I found the person who told me this expression! Wonderful. It’s actually a haiku.

越後では 七雪降って 春来たる

Echigodeha nanayuki hutte haru kitaru

Echigo (old name for Niigata)
Nanayuki (sounds old and literary but we, modern listeners, get the meaning ‘seven snow falls’ right.)

I think I heard “seven snow falls” is counted after the break of the season (Risshun around February 4th), but I may be wrong.

That’s from a letter she sent me. I hope she doesn’t mind me including it here.

I thought the change was around Setsubun, February 2nd, but Risshun, as detailed above and Setsubun are similar in meaning, as in a way of marking the change of seasons, perhaps. Perhaps!!

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2 Comments on “– untitled 15”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    Oh, that’s good. Love the category tags: photography | poetry. Heart beats for this one.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Thank you. I worked hard on it, and I like to know that it worked ♥ It’s been rewritten a few times 😉

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