– the moon

is going through its cycles again. Tonight I was on the train, a two and a half hour journey. I’d had a beautiful day but was feeling a bit blue and was a bit down on myself for feeling a bit blue. I mean, this evening in the falling snow I went and looked at rows of candles lit on snow-sculpted steps while live Daiko (huge taiko), war-like drums, shinobue flutes, rhythms to lift the hair on the back of your head, played.

I looked out the window, and there it was, as it often seems to be, when I feel this way, though maybe there are times I feel this way when it doesn’t appear, and so my focus maybe doesn’t shift. I am not sure if it is the quarter moon or the half moon. Strangely, the Japanese calendars I have don’t list the cycles. It was yellow, though. That strange yellow that only the moon can go. Custard, cayenne, mustard, Welsh Rarebit. Alright, alright, I’ll stop now! A hot, languid, summer, night, yellow. Infused. Yet, it was freezing outside. Literally.

Last week the new moon hung for just a few moments. Or that’s how long I saw it for before the clouds and revolving earth hid it. The new moon is such a treat. Its toenail sliver sometimes so hard to locate, and I get a thrill, each time, thinking, oh, that’s right, time to start over again. A chance to start over again. Refresh, throw out, renew.

I am very uncentred lately. The moon reminds me that other things are going on.

This moon, too, seen from the train window,  kind of lined by the blue streetlights, black clouds swirling over it like water from a brush, had the same effect. It’s not an instant pick-me-up, but more of a pin prick. Hey, even if you don’t know it, there’s more to you than meets the eye. It’s not even a reminder, because the moon doesn’t seem to remember nor forget. It doesn’t really police, at least not consciously, but every now and then, it might pick up your forgotten things, even discarded,  and dump them in your lap.  Another meteor shower. Another changing tide.

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2 Comments on “– the moon”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    Right now it’s a six day old, waxing crescent moon. I really like to know where the lunar cycles at, though it’s a little sad that I only know because this sits in my bookmark bar: http://www.die.net/moon/

    The moon pulls on us in all kinds of ways, for sure.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      It was beautiful last night as well. Crescent sounds so much nicer than quarter. When I learnt guitar I learnt quarter note, half note and so on. When I learnt piano it was minim, crotchet, quaver and so on. Far more poetic, but far more difficult for me to logically remember, though maybe they had the same kind of meaning originally.

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