– because you have seen some

unbelievable things.

On the radio now. Love it now, loved it then. My mother said it had a lilting Gaelic kind of sound to it. She’s right.

I saw Cat power, or Chan Marshall, play the Grosvenor in Perth. She hardly looked at the audience. Some of the Dirty Three backed her. My friends talked throughout. I’m not a talker at concerts I really like. I’m not a talker when I’m getting a massage. I see from googling that it seems that the Grosvenor is another live venue that has bitten the dust.

I saw her later at Mojos. I went to that one by myself, and while waiting for her to start it was almost as uncomfortable. There are some places you can tuck yourself into a corner with a book and a beer, and there are some places where you can’t. I knew some folks there, too, but not well enough to pull up a stool and hang out.

She was playing the piano, and singing while the silent movie, The Passion of Joan of Arc

played behind her. Whose film? Not sure. I’ll find out (click link above). She walked off the stage mid-way through the last song. Maybe it was part of the act. Maybe it was her crippling shyness. Apparently Joan Baez used to suffer from the same kind of thing, and that woman has a voice that I still adore.

Haven’t bought anything of Cat Power’s for a long time, and apparently she’s cleaned up, no longer so dependent on the booze. I wonder if it is to the music’s detriment.

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2 Comments on “– because you have seen some”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    Carl Theodor Dreyer directed the Passion of Joan of Arc. Famous for all the close-ups, stark composition and the performance of Maria Falconetti. There’s supposed to be a curse on women who play Joan of Arc. Professional, not personal.

    Coincidentally I had the urge to watch this recently and checked out a copy from the library. Turned out though that only at 10% of the dialogue appeared in the subtitles. Not even whole sentences. I gave up,despite the beauty.

    Chan cleaned up after The Greatest, didn’t she? I think she’s only released a covers record since (although she did one before as well, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything).

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