– trespassing the edits

I always liked Ian Moss’ voice a lot more than Jimmy Barnes.

Saturday night’s already old
Walking into Sunday, and I find
All desires are cold
I could walk forever, I don’t mind

The title to this blog entry is stolen from a friend’s poem. She had a similar kind of idea.

Jimmy does that noisy middle part, and also some of the call and response. Harmonies, of all kinds. I do like them.

I read the Bell Jar and the character talked about setting out for a point and being able to walk it. I’m like that. As long as I know where the end point is I usually don’t mind the journey. I walk a lot of places where people would take a car, or where they just don’t think that they would be able to walk. Or have done so in the past.

I was in a house fire in New Zealand once. The woman who owned the house was shocked and I had nowhere to go, so I started to walk home. I just lived over the mountain. But it was a very steep mountain, and it was a bit too late at night to climb it. So I started walking through the tunnel, which was illegal. I kind of knew the police would pick me up, and so they did. They dropped me at my house. I apologised for treating them like a taxi service. They knew about the fire. Maybe they figured that I was in shock too. Maybe I was.

When I got home I called a friend of my friend to take care of her, and then tried to order the fall out.

Joe Camilleri is on the sax there on that Cold Chisel song. Or was it Wilbur Wilde? Despite later silliness, he played with both Joe Camilleri in Jo Jo Zep and the Falcon, and other bands, and also features on Paul Kelly’s From Saint Kilda to Kings Cross. That aside, I love this early song of Camilleri’s with Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons.

That whole tight 10cc, white boy reggae, Elvis Costello kind of thing.

Ah we have/had some great musicians.

Might finish with Renée. Paul Kelly does a great version of this, too. I’m not sure if he wrote it for her, or if she wrote it and he covers it.

Ah, I see he wrote it. She went to the States in the 80s when it was obvious that Australia was not going to give a soulful woman a look in. If you ever see her, her band is always very tight, and she is the real deal. Gotta say, I kinda like Paul’s version better, though Renée live is another matter. If you go to the Robin Bell’s Books link on the blog roll, you can get the Paul Kelly A-Z downloads, and get his version.

S’all, for a Sunday… except, Paul Hester and Joe Camilleri had a café in Elwood where I lived for a short while, and where family lives. He was another one for beautiful harmonies with Neil Finn in Crowded House. But he was bipolar and ended up committing suicide along the foreshore there. I wonder if he hung himself in those strange trees bent over by the wind under which I sometimes sat, scribbling in my diary.

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