– i would go out tonight

wind chill -10°c/ 13°f
high -4°c /25°f
low -7°c /19°f
winds, 63kmph, 39mph*

I know it’s colder elsewhere, still. The snow is piled up and I’ve got a feeling I’m not going out tonight. Kero heater has run dry, but I’ve got supplies, they’re just on the balcony. I’ll chin up after the baths and fill up (my lungs are okay, I think, no really).

And it seems to have warmed to -1°c/ 30.2°f, but perhaps that’s in Niigata. Anyway, a toasty warm soak in the health clubs’ ofuro (bath) will warm my bones, or at least my toes.

I went to a friend’s 21st when I guess I was twenty-one, or going to be, too. He was a charming Irish boy, with a long time girlfriend, unfortunately. His girlfriend is actually lovely, and is now his wife. A Singaporean-Indian, originally. We both worked over the summer in the bank. We were both students. He loved the ‘Smits’, and I remember getting very drunk at his party and throwing around the flowers his girlfriend had given him. This was my attempt to look as cool as Morrissey in that video. I still cringe at the memory to this very day. What a wally I was, and often continue to be. Ah well. It’s a laff, innit?

*Winds are up to 72kmph now, 42mph. This area is known for winds at 90kmph, so we’ll see what happens. The wind chill is only -11°c though, apparently. It was my fingers, not my toes, that were ready to drop off on my way to the baths!

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