– i would have

a lot more tolerance for unrelenting monotheists if they weren’t monotheists. What’s the big deal? You know, if you’re right, you can just laugh on the other side of judgment day. In the meantime, just leave us to blend all hopes, faith, thoughts and beliefs without the fear of eternal damnation, or a weekend knock on the door, for daring to think that there might be more answers than just one; that in fact, there might be multiple answers and that maybe one god, one spirit, one theology is not enough to address all the problems of the world, but is certainly enough to create more. Would you really try to so hard to breed your German Shepherd so that it became a chihuahua? Surely all creeds can exist, and co-mingle, just as all breeds do.

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2 Comments on “– i would have”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    I was woken up this morning by Jehovah’s witnesses. That’s Sunday morning. Admittedly, not that early, but I had been out the night before. Their awesome ability to identify the keys to the kingdom of heaven is not matched by a capacity to decipher the significance of a drawn blind apparently. Did you disturb me? Yes, I was asleep. If you look carefully you may notice the pajama pants, the befuddled expression and, casting your mind back a few minutes, there was also the tell-tale lack of response to your first thunderous knocks. Sigh. Still my Mum’s a monotheist, so they’re not all bad:)

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      So is mine, but I don’t know if she is a monotheist in belief or just in the religion she was born into. I think there are many Christians, Jews and Muslims out there who probably have enough lateral thinking skills to think that maybe their God comes in different shapes and forms, or that other people express the same kind of feeling that they have in different ways, and it is the actual doctrine that is monotheist. Then again, if they have gone to school and all through the system, such as my uncle, they are pretty much set in their ways, not only that there is only one God, but there is only one Catholic God and so on. However, I know he is kind, and pretty tolerant. I wonder at his viewpoint, though, knowing that he is a man who has travelled the world.

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