– trainspotting the trainspotters

No, no, no. Even though I took this sleeper, and with neither a blanket nor a pillow, shivered through the night, they were not waiting to shower me with accolades, to standby in awe and wonderment at my perseverance and sheer ruggedness. The train. The overnight train. The sleeper train from Aomori to Ueno, was the star of the show. I wonder if the Akebono (the train) was named after Akebono the sumo wrestler? If so, I’d worry about its ability to last the distance.

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2 Comments on “– trainspotting the trainspotters”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    Remember Hiroko? You spoke to her on the phone for me, way back when. Anyway, her husband is a little bit crazy for trains. They had a honeymoon in Europe, all mapped out in advance: they caught 30 trains in less than two weeks. The journey truly was the destination.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      You know what? I cannot remember that at all. Are you sure it was me? I guess if it was when you came to Japan, it would have been. That is why I love taking trains, and I do love just moving, especially on trains. Like Ian Moss said, “It’s the motion that’s its own reward”.

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