– beauty

wasn’t she just? 

I’m not a  diehard fan of John and Yoko –  though I do like them and I think that both are (were) incredibly interesting. She had quite a life before she met up with him, and they had a great message for the world. A real waste of a great soul, his assassination.

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2 Comments on “– beauty”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    I was very into the Beatles once, and then Lennon’s (v. patchy) solo career. There’s a record called Live Peace in Toronto made before the Beatles broke up. Side A (yeah, it was put out on a think called an LP, made of vinyl) was rock’n’roll covers, Yer Blues, Cold Turkey and Give Peace a Chance. He’d put a pretty good band together, Eric Clapton on guitar, Klaus Voorman on bass and Andy White (I think) on drums. Side B was wild. Just two tracks, one called Don’t Worry Kyoko, Mummy’s Only Looking For Her Hand in the snow. Just Yoko wailing like a Kookaburra and John playing the opening riff to Wake Up Little Susie over and over before breaking out the feedback for … whatever track 2 was.

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      I wouldn’t be able to handle it! Her wailing gets to me, but I like her art, or the bits that I saw at the John Lennon museum. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I seem to have lost my current issues blog which is a blog that all my students contribute to. Grrr. Feeling a bit out of sorts. Sorry I haven’t written recently. Will get onto it sooner or later.

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