– how to get connected

at present, I feel pretty connected to nothing.  so, how about a picture or two, perhaps? shorthand for saying I’ve run out of words and the words to express them with, or the equivalent of show us ya tits. either way, they fill up space and can be in your face if you want them to be. the picutres, not my tits.

Scarecrow Project

this woman was born a year after me, Showa 43. this installation was made in 2000. that child looks about three, wouldn’t you say? I wonder if it was her first? if she enjoys standing there forever at about age 31, 32 with a child on her hip. I wonder if she likes living in rural Japan; if her family are farmers, if she works on the land as well.

this man died on my birthday. it is interesting because on either side of the international dateline, the date of death remains the same for him. yet, knowledge of Pearl Harbour  in both Japan and Australia is that it occurred on the 8th of December, but in the States on the 7th. I guess that the day had just not ticked over.

when I was first in Japan, people often asked me about Pearl Harbour, even though I wasn’t American. they never asked me about Darwin or Papua New Guinea or the miniature submarines in Sydney Harbour. the scientific experiments on the people in China were never mentioned. the prisoner of war camps.

not to worry. I doubt that many people ask the Japanese about the fires that swept through Tokyo after the allied firebombing of the civilian population (the Japanese had also done this in China, and the Germans in Spain, even so, it is considered a war crime), though I imagine that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are mentioned. likewise, I doubt that many post-colonial Australians ask any Noongar about the Pinjarra massacre, or any indigenous person about the many slaughters they have suffered.

Hmm. this is the pretty blog. seems it’s kind of turning into the political blog. maybe another picture is needed – a leaf or two,

Walk Way

or a building,

or a mixture of both.

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2 Comments on “– how to get connected”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    My Dad worked for a Japanese company. Most of the executives were Japanese, occasionally the CEO. On his bookshelf he kept a copy of a book titled ‘Why Japan Lost the War’ (or perhaps ‘How Japan Lost the War’).

    • theheartbeatsoftly Says:

      Yeah, I don’t know what this post aided. I guess Lennon was about the age I am now when he was killed. I need to tighten this entry.

      I have a great book of oral history of Japanese people from WW2 – from high-ranking officials who served at 731, to guys in the Philippines who were so scared they’d do anything to surrender, to the mothers of kamikaze pilots, to intellectuals who protested and were locked up be the secret police. A really worthwhile read.

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