– april, come she will

but not for a while.

It’s eight o’clock at night, and I’m all but exhausted. Probably the wine. If I went out and got some more, it would lift my spirits, but I’d feel like shit tomorrow. Anyway, all is what it is. Need to select a picture to reflect feelings. It seems that I think in visuals nowadays, words flailing, failing me.

A friend has dipped again, and life starts again, or goes in a new direction after the end of next March. All is alright, all is okay.


Moss and Leaves, Ijimino Park

And now it is tomorrow, and I don’t feel like shit, but if I don’t get off the computer, I will. A trip to the park was planned to take in the last of the Autumn colours, so enjoy the fleeting beauty come what may, but it is grey and dreary outside, and more so, wet, so the photos below are the hues of the season, reflections of what I might have seen had the weather been more favourable. Hopefully the sun will make an appearance tomorrow – or the rain will stop, at leat.


autumn foliage at work, morning sunlight



Ijimino Park Autumn Foliage


Ijimino Park Autumn Foliage



Leaf and Lampost


Silhouette - Persimmons

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2 Comments on “– april, come she will”

  1. Somebody Somewhere Says:

    I just realised that I’d been reading an ‘s’ in the rust. ‘Ijimino Park Autumn Foliage’ is my favourite. Untrod walks haunt my day as well, although it’s not the same day I realise now. Reading dates late. The new life has already started.

    • lizardrinking Says:

      It was intentional. I like elision, word play. You know that by now. I’m glad the new life has started. Mine too, but not in full bloom yet. Untrod walks today as well as yesterday. Ah well.

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