– touring six – frosty the snowman, a library in the forest

Frosty the snowman


In a pagoda, by a rice field


A shrine, perhaps, on the warm side of Autumn

Carpe Diem, by Simon Beer (2000)

In 2000, he and his mates melted to the ground. I think the artists had a lot of fun in 2000.

But now, he is permanently polystyrenised


This is how deities are created.

The Yip-Yips come down.

Yip-Yip. Strange gods they have here on this earth, yet, many Shinto deities and spooks and spirits are pretty strange, and the powers given to Christian saints and to pagan entities are no less bizarre, we are maybe just used to them, so they seem commonplace.

Just down from here was an observatory made for climbing and listening to noises, noises similar to the wind blowing. I was fairly lukewarm about it, but it was okay. Maybe it had more pizzaz in 2000. It had a stamp, anyway, so on one level I was chuffed as an anorak wearing trainspotter.

Observatory, Tatsuya Ushijima (2000).

And wandering up the hill after looking at a sign pasted with places to go,  I decide to stick with what looked like a loop (all the while still furiously deleting photos from my folders to free up space on the disc) and  I pass by Circle-Connection. The sixth part, or sixth log-bench  from the tree which made these five benches, is just outside of the Nobutai building. The picture on that link is more representative, maybe, than my picture.

Circle – Connection,by Shigehito Matsuda (2003).

So, Frosty was interesting, the other two artworks were kind of functional and even though the Observatory was described as a folly, I could see how it looked as if it doubled as something practical, but then I rounded the corner and saw this:






WD Spiral Part Ⅲ Magic Theatre, by Hermann Maier Neustadt (2003).

I’m not sure if I really like them just because they take a good picture, or because they were super cool to walk through. A mixture of both, I think. Can you see my reflection? 

My frame of reference for future things, as seen by the post prior to this, is either post World War II, 60s (the Jetsons – or were they the 70s?), or strange shows like Space 1999, oh, and Dr. Who, and Queen singing Flash! A-ah! He’ll save every oneofus! You know, it was like the 60s retro view of the future. In a rice growing area of Japan that is under deep, heavy snow for a fair part of the year.

The yip-yips might also be surprised by the following, depending upon how they read in Yip-Yip land.



– A library in the middle of the forest, yip-yip!

Earthlings are so civilised, yip-yip

Isn’t it beautiful? Charming at least. To my mind at least. This installation is also from 2003, I think. Can you imagine anything like this still standing in Perth? I sometimes wish we pulled together a bit more and stopped clanging about separately destroying things.

The best thing about it, well, there were a few things, was that you had to take a little path down to it, a mere slip of a track, so if you hadn’t been in pursuit of triennial artworks, you’d be totally surprised and delighted if you stumbled across it. Or totally spun out. I’m speaking for all of you now.  It looks as if it is set up for the night time, as well. The problem with that of course is the mosquitoes in summer, but even so, it looks great.

And there were about four of these chairs


facing out to the forest, facing away from the bookshelf. Read a book and enjoy the view, or just sit on one of the chairs and take in the view.


From my quick glance, all the books seemed to be Japanese, though the website claims that they were German. Maybe in 2003 they were. Maybe the locals replaced them with favourites? Well, one can wish.

Fichte,by Tobias Rehberger (2003).

Okay, the dragon is coming up, and a hike up the hill, a toilet, a view, a castle. The castle was take your breath away amazing, but very dark within, so the few shots I have do not properly reflect its wonder. But ahead, ahead, ahead of myself go I. And so, it’s time for planning and writing, possibly, editing, uploading. I could even cook some dinner if I actually got up and out of this chair. I had a swim today. That’s active, right? Until tomorrow, or later this evening.

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