– pathetic de foibles gras

There are those of us who err on the side of idiocy, who constantly teeter on the brink of this chasm.


Who am I trying to kid?

Fall right in,  face first, face down. No explanation really needed or given. Just one of those pathetic de foibles gras  – the slapstick spread created by fattening those who continually make a goose of themselves.

Pathetic de foibles gras, rather than being extracted from the fat of the liver,  is extracted from Mack Sennett lives; constant Keystone antics colliding into and bouncing off the other.  A farcial circus clown completely-out-of-control spinning top concoction of grit and flavour.

Maybe some delectable  size 14 black polished clodhopper anecdotes will follow. Maybe not. Depends upon whether I can undo the laces of my shoes which some fool has knotted together,  just for laughs, mind you.  Or,  altertnatively, whether I can avoid tripping over the loose and languid licorice whip laces I have not yet learnt to tie.

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2 Comments on “– pathetic de foibles gras”

  1. MeanderingMelbourne Says:

    Oh, what absolute fun! Sadly, I can relate all too well. Snicker about teetering and falling. Can relate ALL TOO WELL!

    LOVE the phrase “Pathetic de foibles gras”. Did you make it up? Reminds me of another favourite: “esprit d’escalier”, staircase wit.

  2. lizardrinking Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I lightened it up a bit. I did make that phrase up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone had already penned it. Need to get out the French Google dictionary to do the staircase wit one, though I get the joke, just not the original 😉

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