– looking deep inside, but i don't want to look so deep inside…

Beautiful songs, even if one is about murder. I’m a sucker for any stringed instrument, especially the mandolin and banjo. But also the oud, the koto, the shamisen. Not to forget the guitar, the violin, and the balalaika. To mention just a few.

Good lyrics and brilliant phrasing.  What more could one want?

They remind me a fair bit of Nirvarna’s MTV unplugged album in feel.

That was a great selection of songs. The Meat puppets’ creations being my favourite, I think, though they were and are all good.

Now I’m not sure about the voice in the second, though the song seeped into my day to day life like the humidity that surrounded me when I lived in the far north of Queensland for a spell. I would walk a path to a mountain where cassowary were said to lurk, though I never came across them. Bats would fly overhead, or sugar-gliders, probably, they were very big. And in the daytime I would see eagles, and in the early morning, wallabies, and bush turkeys. Mud skips burrowed into the rich silt of the riverbank, and glow worms lit the way home. And the sand flies. Jesus H Christ, the sand flies! A very special place up there where all the houses are built on stilts.


For: Abed Rabu Eyad al-Astal (8)

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