– untitled 10



pressing into

a curved shell

the wind

hums through me,

soft and light

the resonance of steel.

really, I was walking in the park

not wanting to back

it into a corner not

wanting to inhibit

I take off  my hat but

still it


like the tines

of a tuning fork I

pinch my earring

silver and round

between thumb and






a shoal of minnows

flit by.









lizardrinking (c) May, 2009



For  Bilal Mohammed Al-Ashqar, 5; and Mohammed Mohammed Al-Ashqar, 4.

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4 Comments on “– untitled 10”

  1. TOS Says:

    Beautiful. The poem stands on it’s own, but the photos really take it to another level.

  2. lizardrinking Says:

    Thanks d. I’m glad it works. I’m still not sure. Wow, I just got ridiculously excited thinking I had another comment, and it was just my own 😉

  3. mamason Says:

    lol… I do the same thing. I’m always looking for validation or at least evidence from the outside that I really do exist.

    Your poetry is overwhelmingly (is that a word?) and hauntingly beautiful.

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