– a thing of beauty


i had many a journal when i was younger, and i have many a journal now. whenever i wanted to be serious about writing, i would get a new journal. i would vow that the journal would be reserved for things of beauty, or writing, as it were, as opposed to the demented rantings of a somewhat depressed mind.


and so, i think i have started a new journal. my previous blog, which i think i will still run, though i am not sure i will maintain, had turned pretty political, which is not a bad thing, but items of whimsy and indulgence were beginning to look out of place, and the blogroll was really cramping my style, man.


anyway, i think I will import some of the stuff from there, if possible. or maybe will try to start afresh with beauty, or fart jokes, here. i probably will not keep up with the lower-case, but have always been partial to it since e.e.cummings started the trend, or was it archie and mehitabel?






for: Haia Talal Shehda Hamdan (12).

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6 Comments on “– a thing of beauty”

  1. MeanderingMelbourne Says:

    What a beautifully designed, whimsical blog! Looking forward to reading more.

    As for journals, I have never been able to write in them, dumbstruck with self-consciousness. Wish I could!

    Loved ‘archie & mehitabel’. Stumbled across it first as an animated cartoon on TV before I ever knew it was a book. Huh.

    Good luck and congratulations.

    • lizardrinking Says:

      Wow! Does Snoopy dance. My first comment! I’d like any opinion on the story above. It’s kinda rough. I just did it this morning, pulling on some other stuff, but I think it’s okay. Haven’t written anything similar for a long time.

      I’m glad you like the look of the blog. Me too. You were the one that intro’d me to “archie & mehitabel” – well, I think we saw the cartoon, and then you bought the books. Same with Anita Loos.

      Good luck? It will just be blather, but thanks anyway. As for journals, who is there to make you self-conscious but yourself? Though of course, there is always the possibility of leaving them lying around. I destroy them on a regular basis.

      • MeanderingMelbourne Says:

        When I was younger I think I felt the need to lead an epic life, and to have meticulous prose, and be like Virginia Woolf (such a common desire among a certain set; maybe I have the nose in common?), and so in that sense I wasn’t writing in a journal for myself but for posterity. Enough to dry the ink in anyone’s pen!

        So I think there is a distinction between a journal and diary, for me. And the self-consciousness is not about discovery, but feeling ridiculous writing to myself. Such an audience hog at times.

  2. Wade Says:

    very lovely, rose. it suits you.

    and i have always had an affinity to e.e. cummings. 😉

  3. morpho Says:

    ooohh, i like! i like e. e. cummings but i love archy and mehitabel.

  4. lizardrinking Says:

    Thanks, wade and morph, I’m hoping I can keep it pretty ♥

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